Meta Llama 3:

🚀 Meta Llama 3:
Meta has just launched its most advanced AI assistant yet, the Meta AI, powered by the formidable Meta Llama 3.

Key Highlights of Meta AI & Llama 3:
– AI-Powered Efficiency: Meta AI, integrated into apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, now offers users worldwide the ability to accomplish a wide array of tasks seamlessly.

– Powerful Backend: At the heart of Meta AI is Llama 3, a large language model boasting between 8 to 70 billion parameters, providing unparalleled capabilities in processing and response accuracy.

– Expanded Accessibility: Previously available only via Meta’s social apps, Meta AI can now be accessed directly through its own dedicated website, broadening its usability.

– Global Reach: While currently available in 13 countries, Meta AI’s influence is expanding, underscoring its potential as a global digital assistant.

– Ethical AI Use: Meta has taken extensive measures to ensure the responsible deployment of Meta AI, incorporating robust feedback mechanisms and transparency in its operation.

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Meta Launches Llama-3 Powered Meta AI Chatbot Assistant to Compete with ChatGPT

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